Banderas Bay Golf

Banderas Bay and Puerto Vallarta is not only one of the most beautiful and luxurious places in Mexico, it’s also the home of some of the best golf courses and resorts in Mexico. Golf is one of the most quickly growing sports in Mexico and as it gains popularity more and more people flock to Banderas Bay to sample the facilities on offer there.


Banderas Bay Golf Recommendations

Without a shadow of a doubt the Vista Vallarta golf complex in Puerto Vallarta is the very pinnacle of experience for golfers who visit Banderas Bay. This complex has two courses, both of which overlook the bay, that share the same facilities but offer different experiences. The Nicklaus course is arguably the more challenging of the two courses; this par 72 championship course was used in the 2002 PGA World Cup Tournament, and it’s not hard to see why. The Nicklaus course is over 7000 yards long, has gentle slope that, combined with the sea breeze, will take you by surprise. What’s more you’ll get a great view of the Sierra Madre Mountains and the whole of Banderas Bay from this elevated course.

The Nicklaus’s sister course, the Weiskopf, is challenging in a different way. It’s the lower of the two and the elevation of the ground varies in certain areas. Vista Vallarta takes advantage of this as well as the dense vegetation and deep ravines to make a course that requires real skill to get around. The bunkers are truly fearsome! Both of the Vista Vallarta courses rank in the top 10 Mexican courses (according to Golf Digest) and are certainly two of the best Banderas Bay golf courses.

For those a little closer to Nuevo Vallarta, the Flamingos golf course is located just north of Nuevo Vallarta and can easily be described as 18 holes of bliss! The golf course is slightly smaller than the Vista Vallarta courses at 6853 yards long, but has 43 bunkers and 9 water hazards to make it, to say the least, interesting! When there’s a breeze blowing this course can be really quite difficult to get through under par! What makes this Banderas Bay golf course really different, though, is the fact that it will provide you transportation to and from your hotel.

Of course these are not the only golf courses worth visiting in the area. You could stop by the El Tigre in Nuevo Vallarta, the Punta Mita golf course in Punta Mita or, of course, the Marina course in Marina Vallarta. Each Banderas Bay golf course offers top notch facilities as well as challenging and stimulating courses.

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