Mexico Versus USA – Cultural Differences


Are you considering making the move to Mexico and you currently live in the U.S.A? The sunny neighbor to the south of the states comes with cultural differences. You might have already done some research about the cultural differences and you may have visited several cities and towns too. Do you really want to know what working and living in Mexico would be like? There are cultural differences that you should know. Here are very important cultural differences that you may not have realized that may occur in Mexico.

Mexico versus USA – the Cultural Differences

A Simpler Way of Living

A simpler way of living and a slower pace can be a blessing and a curse, but you will have to decide for yourself. The simpler way of living is the major attraction for those in the USA to relocate to Mexico. People in the USA are wanting to leave the harried pace that they are used to and just have a simpler way of living in Mexico. You may think that not rushing around each and every day would be a major relief, but after time people get tired of the slow and simpler way of living to be boring and frustrating.

Is punctuality a deal breaker?

This might seem like a cliche, and many Mexicans will probably argue that this point is an over-generalization, however, be prepared for the possibility of tardiness. For example, if you and several friends decided to meet for a dinner date at 8, then don’t become worried when 9pm, arrives and your friends are just now showing up for dinner. If you have scheduled a handyman to repair something for you, well, it’s the same thing. He will probably show up late. When a construction company give you a quote for work that should be done on a certain day? If so, then you can expect that date to be about two or more weeks later. That is just how it is in Mexico. That being said, when it comes to formal employment and medical appointments, most people turn up promptly. Just beware when it comes to your social life and informal meetings.

Crazy on the streets

You will definitely be in for a wild ride with the crazy transportation that takes place in Mexico. It is nothing like it is in the USA. There is public transportation available in many of the Mexico cities, but at these times it can be very crazy and be prepared for the characters that you will see. Driving is also crazy in Mexico. The laws are not enforced like they are in the USA and Mexico drivers make their own rules as they are driving. Also, don’t forget to wear your seatbelt. It will keep you safe with the crazy transportation. However, like the USA, remember that drunk driving, using a cell phone while driving and speeding are all illegal in Mexico too.

The important things in life in Mexico

In Mexico, the average workweek is six days unlike in the USA where it is five days. Many of the workers in Mexico work six days a week and this isn’t cruel or a punishment, but one thing that the workers in Mexico do is making priorities that are special to them. They could create and cook a family feast for the family, or just relax on the beach and catch waves, or just going out with friends to have a drink at night. The personal time for workers in Mexico is highly treasured. They work hard and play hard.

As you can see the cultural differences vary in Mexico versus USA.

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