Happy Index: Live in Mexico and Be Happy

Happy Index: Live in Mexico and Be Happy

As a popular location for retirement, you might be wondering what makes Mexico so special. Is it the beaches? The cuisine? Perhaps it is the people? Well, you might be interested to read that Mexico is considered one of the happiest place in the world to live. According to recent statistics, Mexican residents rank as among the happiest people on the planet. Want to find out more about why you should live in Mexico? Read on…

The Happy Index – What Contributes to Mexico’s Happiness?

Mexico is the second happiest country in the world according to Mexico Daily News. The report was taken from several sets of research made by reputable firms like Gallup, New Economics Foundation, the Happy Planet Index and the World Happiness Report. Second to Costa Rica, Mexico surely has several reasons to be labeled as one of the happiest places. Even with its incomparable smaller economy compared to its neighboring countries to the north, Mexico ranks higher in terms of the wellbeing of its residents. Money clearly isn’t everything. Learn the factors that make Mexicans the happiest people on earth and why you should live in Mexico.

Low Cost of Living when you live in Mexico

According to the article in the Mexico Daily News, the goal of getting as much money as possible is not the main goal of most people in Mexico. Although earning money is essential, the lack of money poses little threat to the happiness of the Mexicans in the study. Even with their modest incomes, the statistics show that most Mexicans live within their means and many of them live comfortable and satisfying lives despite earning less than people in the United States and Canada. The low cost of utilities, food, housing, and other services enable people to have less stress about money leading to a more cheerful attitude.

Unhurried Lifestyle

Mexico is famous for its laid-back atmosphere and many find this element of Mexican life very appealing (including those expats who choose to live in Mexico or retire here). This relaxed pace may be a source of frustration for those who are used to the rat-race, but many people are happy with this kind of lifestyle. Less stress leads to healthier lives. Even with a six-day work week, the majority of the people in Mexico find time for recreation, bonding with family and friends, and simply enjoying life. Furthermore, there is always a reason to celebrate and you can enjoy several festivals and special events.

Focus on Wellbeing

One of the factors that made Mexico the second happiest place to live was the perception that people had of its levels of wellbeing and overall feeling of satisfaction. Wellbeing is the internal state of being healthy, happy, and comfortable. In general, Mexicans focus more on the blessings they receive rather than fret on what they don’t have. This is something we can all learn from.

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