8 Reasons to Live in Mexico

8 Reasons to Live in Mexico

Mexico is a wonderfully eclectic country that is perhaps not the first place you might consider to emigrate. But there are so many fabulous reasons to live in Mexico. Take a look at our top 8 reasons to live in Mexico below.

8 Reasons to Live in Mexico

  1. The People in Mexico

The people alone are reason enough to live in Mexico. Welcoming, kind, and courteous are three words that describe the people in Mexico. The people in Mexico will set aside the time to ask you questions, ask you about your life experiences, and to share their experiences with you. If you take a few minutes to talk to the local people in Mexico, then you will be given the best places to see and they may even invite you to their home to have dinner.

  1. The Weather in Mexico

The weather in Mexico is ideal and it caters to everyone. Do you enjoy the mountain weather that is cool or do you enjoy a climate that is tropical? You are in luck, because the weather is ideal for everyone who wishes to live in Mexico.

  1. The Cost of Living in Mexico is Low

If you are coming to Mexico from Canada, Europe, or the United States, then you will quickly see that the cost of living is much lower. You will be spending less money on rent, dining, and transportation, and this will give you more money to spend and enjoy!

  1. The Mexican Cuisine

The Mexican cuisine is always delicious although the taste can vary from each area and region. Cilantro, chili and corn, onion, lime, and tomatoes are classic flavors in Mexico. Fresh fruits and seafood can be found and traditional Mexican foods that include sauces and meats, soups, and the foundational tacos are delicious.

  1. The Mexican Landscapes

The breathtaking landscapes from the beaches of the Caribbean and the North rocky desert are just the background for many areas in Mexico. You will see volcanoes, canyons, jungles, small villages, and the cityscapes that are urban.

  1. The Mexican Nature

The natural resources that is in Mexico is something that everyone will treasure. There are over 30,000 different flowering plant species and 1,500 different types of amphibians, mammals, and reptiles that are found in Mexico. You will have the opportunity to experience the pink flamingo that can be found in the Yucatan or you can explore the Monarch butterflies that is located in the Michoacán as these butterflies migrate here each year from Canada.

  1. The Mexican Celebrations

The Mexican celebrations is an exciting feature of this culture. There is plenty of joy and happiness year-round due to the national, religious, and bank holidays that are celebrated in Mexico. You will be able to drink and dance as much as you please and you can proudly wear the red, white, and green national colors why you celebrate.

  1. The Mexican History

The Mexican history is very interesting as there are the Mayans, the Spanish conquest, the Olmec’s, and the political issues that are currently occurring in Mexico. You will find plenty of art galleries and museums in Mexico that will tell the Mexican history, especially in Mexico City and Guadalajara, which are the larger cities in the country.

These are the top 8 reasons to live in Mexico. Would you like to live in Mexico? If you would let us know by leaving a comment.


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