Benefits of Being a Snowbird in Puerto Vallarta

You can be a snowbird and make Puerto Vallarta your winter home just as thousands of other snowbirds have done. You can remove yourself from the cold winter and freezing snow to the warm, sunny climate and sands. Snowbirds have many options in Puerto Vallarta, which include winter purchases, full ownership purchases, vacation clubs and even beach rentals, so you can escape the wintery blues to the sunshine in Puerto Vallarta where your new home will become your favorite home.

Escape the Winter Forever

Spending November through May in Puerto Vallarta will turn your life around. You don’t have to be fully retired to enjoy this lifestyle. If you are able to share homes between Puerto Vallarta and your home, then you will be able to escape the winter forever. You will be in a warm sunny climate where regular escapes can be a reality. There is a property awaiting for you in Puerto Vallarta.

Getting Around is Easy

One of the best benefits of being a snowbird in Puerto Vallarta is there are plenty of international flights that arrive in Banderas Bay. Delta, WestJet, Air Canada, and United are a few of the major airlines that fly here, so it will be easy and yet affordable for you to find an airline to bring you here. Another benefit is your friends can afford to fly to see you in your second home in Puerto Vallarta.

Enjoy the Luxury of Puerto Vallarta

Purchasing a second home in Puerto Vallarta may only seem like a privilege that only the rich could afford, but what you may not know is the cost of living here is very low, especially compared to your hometown. In Banderas Bay, the winter months are very affordable, because you will barely have to run the air conditioner and there is no heating costs, because the weather here is sunny and warm, then at night it is nice and cool. Other luxuries that are cheaper in Puerto Vallarta include spa services, cuisine dining, clothing, and beauty supplies.

Healthcare Options

Did you know that there are a variety of healthcare options in Puerto Vallarta? The healthcare is very affordable here. Many people from all around the world come to Puerto Vallarta to seek plastic surgery, tummy tucks, and even teeth whitening. Many of the snowbirds in Puerto Vallarta wait to have their major healthcare done when they are here, because at home it is just too expensive.

Snowbird Friends are a Big Community

Puerto Vallarta has become home to a lot of snowbirds. The snowbird community is an excellent way to meet new friends. Each winter the snowbirds meet friends that already know and make new friends, because you all have one thing in common, which is escaping the bitter winters back home. In Banderas Bay there are a lot of fun activities that snowbirds enjoy doing together, which include a writers club, Wednesday’s is the Art Walk, dancing, Los Mangos Library volunteering, the Act Two Theatre, and on Friday evenings you can go to Nacho Daddy’s where everyone joins in to sing with the band. These are excellent locations to make new snowbird friends.

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